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Lego 2K Drive


  • Worked directly with other designers on feedback and suggestions for the rest of the game content.

  • Created quality of life tools to make testing content much smoother and efficient.

  • Tested and fixed issues QA or the rest of the team had encountered.

  • Designed, scripted, and implemented various new challenges and gameplay features for yet to be released DLC.

  • OTGs - Balanced, adjusted, and maintained most open world side content, including all 73 On The Go Events (OTGs), which are mini games and mini tracks that players must beat as fast as possible for each of their 3 tiers. They were tested with different vehicle types and skill ranges to accommodate various kinds of players and play styles, especially the broad age range to either create a reasonable challenge for younger players to an enjoyable time for older ones. Any changes to how the vehicle's handled would require the OTGs to reflect these changes.

  • Weed & Crystal Flower - Implemented and maintained nearly 60 Weed & Crystal Flower patches. Weeds are a hazard that slows down your vehicle but can be mowed to permanently grow Crystal Flowers, which drastically increases the player's boost meter when driven through. Their placements were determined by how well they interacted with races and OTGs.

  • Collectibles - Implemented and maintained all 1095 collectibles and arranged them in unique spots and patterns. This includes both basic collectibles and Brick Bux. Brick Bux is the in game currency and their placements were primarily used to help guide the player to the location of the other collectibles. 

  • Perilous Platforms - Created the challenge mode "Perilous Platforms", as well as designed, scripted, and implemented spinning beams that repel players when touched. In this mode players have to quickly get as many rings as possible while maneuvering the pitfalls.  

  • Biome Barriers - Implemented and maintained Biome barriers that prevent players from going out bounds of the game world and re-spawned in neutral locations near where they were but overlooking interesting scenery. 


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