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4 Way Labyrinth


4 Way Labyrinth is a puzzle adventure where the player must traverse various labyrinths that range from constant rotating halls to ones that the player has more control over their direction; all of which can be of various directions, heights, and lengths. These Labyrinths can often become tricky for the player to traverse through as their sense of direction can betray them. It is also often required of the player to complete puzzles while these halls are moving all around and from under them.


Here is a video link to see example gameplay of a mock level of 4 Way Labyrinth. Though this current example was created in Unity, I would like to build this game within Unreal to harness its more powerful visual capabilities.

Dock Town


Here are screen shots of a dock town in Unity. This is just a rough layout, and a more complex layout will be made. The parts of the houses are modular pieces to allow me to create a verity of houses and all the textures on the houses were created by me.


Click on the images toward the left to see different views of the town one by one, or click on the button below to see all the images at once.

The Elementalist


The Elementalist started out as part of a separate project, but I found the structure was so interesting and complex that it warranted its own game. Essentially it’s a 2D side scrolling game about a young man who can take various elements and even combine these elements into new ones for new gameplay.


The first row is the meaning of the elements. The second row is the primary elements that the player can gain. Down each row where each element crosses is those elements combination. For example, Fire & Water creates Steam. A more comprehensive document will be coming soon.


The inspirations of this game include the Kirby series where a tiny pink puff ball can take the powers of enemies and use them as his own. Other inspirations come from various fantasy books and games of elemental magic.


Dark Ascent Dungeon


One of my first serious projects that I’ve done solely on my own, including modeling, scripting, and texturing. It is a dungeon platformer. In game character was done by Shunsuke Yamamoto. I created several basic scripts, but made them in a way where multiple of them can be put on same objects, which creates dynamic gameplay.

The game is currently broken up into four sections. This was meant to allow the player to quickly experience the whole game in any order they want, as well as condense the flow of the levels into their own parts. This is still a work in progress.


Click the images to the left for screen shots of the different traps and snares within the game, or click on the button below to see all the images at once.




Press the button below to play the game. ASWD to move, and space bar to jump.

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